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:shoves open the door and staggers in:

sheesh. ever thought of installing a lift? :drops bags of groceries on the counter:

i brought all the necessary ingredients for a coronary. ice cream, fritos, whipped cream... ooops! how did THAT get in there? :hides the whipped cream: that's for... later. ahem.

okay. what else have i got? ooh! an unfinished Allen/Harley fic. i also want to write some Tybalt fic but i don't know if i have enough of a handle on the guy. i think i've got Allen down okay (meh. no double entendre.)... i have to find an angle on Tybalt that's not cliched but sticks to Sandra's BMB Tybalt vision. also on the block, more Tabitha fic. I wouldn't slash Tybalt and Tabitha but i would love a showdown or two.

i'm holding off on new fic until i see how this lastest drama plays out. i don't have the inside scoop that Av does, so i'm going to wait and see.

so. how is everyone? creative?
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