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trozpinky: oh, for the love of fuck, av... lol.

and with those words, Rin actually figured out what I'd been doing wrong.. *sheepish grin*

Anyways, here we are... woo.

Hiya guys. I don't know what to say that isn't in the userinfo. I would like this place to be somewhere writers can come and join to get a little assist with writing. Whether it's with questions about plot, help with betaing, opinions, workshopping, etc. Oh, and big on the character discussion, too!

The watchwords here are constructive critique.

Don't be afraid. If you have a question, say it. If you have a comment, say it. If you think it, you might as well tell us. Critique is not the same as flaming, and flaming will not be tolerated. We all know the difference. But having said that, don't hold your opinions in. If you have comments to make to someone; do it.

Maybe I'm doing this the wrong way around, but membership is restricted atm. I don't want an influx of people that just want to read fic, or just read stuff that's posted here. It could be a pipedream, but I want people involved. This is a community, after all. So at the moment, I'm only adding people who I know have written fic. It'll probably expand after that, but that's the way it is right now.

Okay, that's enough from me. Thanks, and welcome to apartment 666. Beware, Tabitha is watching... grr...
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