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je suis tybalt...

i'm bitchy, i want to write. that's what this group gets.
i know av understands, if not sandra.
[in tybalt's voice. use as you see fit. i'm just bitching in a voice]

Oh, go to the river. Go to the sea. You can't escape so long as night exist. You can't hide.

you can't hide, rock, can't you see i need you rock
it was bleeding
i run to the sea
it was bleeding

You bleed for me, bitch, don't you?
You claim to be the dominant one. You can't fuck, and you can't make me. You need me. You can't maintain without me. And I still stay with you. Who's whipped, eh? You survive by my sufferance, Mikhail. Live for hundreds or thousands of years to lose it on one silly blond boy--beautiful and angelic--you're a moron, but i still feed you.

i bring you blood, i brought you Him. He smears blood on the wall, he breaks into tongues at the slightest touch of your fang. He is Evil Incarnate.

trying to think pure,
bloody hard when i'm raw,
you two can act can act so sexually
about boys and girls and your friggin' dreams
so now you feel nasty
or hurt and confused
you want to do someone else....

You won't let me hang him. You won't let me cut him, mark him, flog him, whip him, break him into a toy for us to love. You won't see him for what he is: something to bring us closer despite the years. You made me. Don't forget that I can still remember the warm summer air.

But we're all weird creatures who lock up our spirits.
Drill a hole in me, Master. I'm not quite finished.
But you never can pull the trigger. You just give me that sublime look of peace. that look you give him, isn't it? You can find peace in that piece. That hunchback's coming is my departure?
Fuck you and your Russian stoicism. If I want to talk to myself, I'm well-acquainted with it. I'm better than you at blending, and i've been around almost as long. don't blame me for being better than you: if i were a slayer, you'd be my retirement trophy.

So you? You can suck me raw, you'll never feed from me. Eat your saviour. I'm not down with that.

You dno't want me? Call your slayer. She'll find nothing to do with me, and i'm still pretty enough to talk my way out of it.

Draw attention. Slay. Suck. You won't last long without me.
I was the brains, Precious.
You don't know how deep it goes, or when to say stop.
Not without Me, you don't.
Huh, Precious?

You know you want me.
Even if you don't.
Even in your blond bitch.
He can't do for you what I do for you.

Take it, Mikhail. It's your last chance....
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I love it for the reason that Tybalt is just arrogant enough to beleive (and substantiate) that he's pulling the strings. He is in charge, and Mikhael doesn't even realise. That Mikhael's being manipulated by Harley's madness, and he plays along. That HE is the one that is needed in the tybalt/mikhael relationship, not the other way around.

'that hunchback's coming is my departure' line made me squeal. I also love the fact that it sounds like tybalt is trying to make his actions so magnanimous and 'i did it for US'. he's talked himself into believing that, when he knows better than anyone he doesn't know who to hate more; mikhael for taking harley away from him, or harley for replacing him in mikhael's affections -- yet he still loves them both.

kay, ow, brain hurting now. I really enjoyed that, rin. nothing like a bit of an injection of vamp!tybalt on a saturday morning... aaahh...

does the piece have a name?
see above, av... that's "random tybalt rant"..

i was pissy, so i wrote it... kind of like the last one. just a brief. i'm not sure if i'm going anywhere with it, but it just oozes with arrogance. i'll come up with a title if i even bother finishing it... =)