perpetually ridiculous (immicolia) wrote in apartment666,
perpetually ridiculous

*nods to the crowd*

Hey all. Immi here. Fanfic writer. Notorious for being fascinated with odd pairings.... in pretty much whatever fandom I write in. Which at the moment is BMB (natch, or else I wouldn't be here) and Buffy. I've got... erm... *does a quick count* five BMB fics to my name... and then there's the two stories that are a wild AU on TIH, known affectionately in my head as the Poison-verse because I just can't come up with a title for that series..... and then there's any number of random, half-finished dabblings... including some Mik/Cy (which is my pet 'ship) and then I've got a bit of a bizzare takeoff on Sandra's whole Nacolepsy thing and..... I think that's it...

So... um.... hi! ^_^
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