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My first question.......how many people are in this so far?

Maybe we each should introduce ourselves. 'Cause I only know Av and Sandra. But I want to make more friends, I do I do I do!

I'm the Dragon, alias Virginia, alias 'Ginia, alias WereDragon. I'm having a good day so far. And I've written ::counts:: three BMB fics so far. BMB is the only fanfiction I've written, because up until recently I concentrated solely on original writing.

I started writing BMB fanfiction because ideas started coming into my head, and they wanted to be written down. I hesitated, because I hadn't done fanfiction before, and because when it was finished I couldn't claim credit. But there're just so many possibilities with this set of characters. And it broadens my abilities to be able to work with another person's characters......hrm, while that's true, it's a bullshit reason. I just love 'em so much, I wanted a little time to make them dance to a tune of my own.

Tell me about YOU, pretty please with a strawberry on Harley!
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