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Skids and the swirlie


I was trying to think of something to post and this seemed like a good a subject as any. And as an odd reason, I am relating it to a question I got asked the other day about why I think Skids doesn't notice Cy's got a bit of a thing for him. So, er, from those two seemingly juxtaposed subjects, I have the basis for an opinion.

Yeah, Skids was overweight and had braces when he first started school. He was teased and bullied (regular schoolyard bullying, etc) until Cya came to his defence, and they formed a firm friendship. Because despite Cya's need for coolness in his exterior, he is a genuinely good guy.

But we all know what Skids looks like now... let's face it; he's gorgeous. I believe the stigma of being picked on and made to feel unimportant sticks with him, though. He lost the weight (i think got contacts, Sandrita confirm/deny?), tanned up a little... and while that has the power to change some people, Skids has generally stayed unchanged. He's still the little guy who got his head shoved down the toilet by a group of bullies. And so doing that, there's an element of 'what could anyone possibly find attractive about ME?' thing happening.

So, to get to the reason why I'm mentioning this in relation to cy/skids... I think he's always counted on Cya. Cyan hasn't let him down, and has been his friend since they met. So he just doesn't SEE it. Yes, there was the almost-kiss, but if you want to take it another way from the majority of cy/skids shippers (unrequited blah blah), he was doing something for his friend who hadn't been kissed. The 'here, pretend I'm a hot chick' thing was for Cya's comfortableness, he's the 'hetero' one after all.

In my opinion, Skids may know what Cya's thoughts are (there's no denying Cy is crushing - obviously) but he is oblivious because he either isn't looking for it from Cyanide, or he doesn't *wish* to see.

Ookay, that was possibly a little more disjointed than I would've liked, but I did my best :-) All the opinions contained are mine alone, feel free to agree/disagree at your leisure. Remember, when it comes down to it, only Sandra knows for sure. I'm jus' speculatin' ^__^
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